Stunt*Fight Coordinator / Choreographer


Cover Coordinator

Cover Coordinator

Cover Coordinator

Cover Coordinator

Cover Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Cover Coordinator

Cover Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Cover Coordinator

Cover Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator

Fight Coordinator, Stunt Dbl (Scott Foley), Cop/Driver Stunts

Fight Coordinator & Stunt Double (Javier Bardem)

Fight Coordinator & Stunt Double (Jeff Bridges)

2nd Unit Stunt & Fight Coordinator

Sword Master (Light Sabré)

Fight Coordinator

Fight Coordinator

2nd Unit Stunt & Fight Coordinator

Fight Coordinator

Fight Choreographer & Sword Master

Stunt Coordinator

Sword Master & Fight Choreographer

Fight Choreographer & Stunt Performer

Sword Master, Fight Choreographer & Stunt Double

Fight Coordinator

Fight Choreographer & Trainer

Fight Choreographer & Stunt Double (Nicolas Cage)

Fight Coordinator/"Hassad" (Whip-Blade Hassansin)

Stunt Coordinator

Sword Master & Stunt Double (Harrison Ford)

Sword Master & Utility Stunts

Stunt Coordinator

Fight Coordinator & Stunt Dbl (Geoffrey Rush & Bill Nighy)

Fight Coordinator & Stunt Dbl (Jack Davenport)                              

Stunt Coordinator (episode)/Car Crash

Stunt Coordinator (episodes) & Stunt Dbl (Drake Hogestyn)

Stunt Coordinator (episode) & Stunt Double

Asst. Stunt Coordinator (30 episodes) - Stunts/Actor

Stunt Coordinator (episodes)

Sword Master, Featured Fights & Stunt Double/Actor

Key Sword Coordinator & Stunt Double (Geoffrey Rush)

Sword Master/Sword Choreographer/Stunt Dbl (Gerard Butler)

Stunt Coordinator & Sword Master - "Jedi"

Jousting Coord/Horse Stunts/Stunt Dbl (Heath Ledger & Rufus Sewell)


Sweet Magnolias

Raising Dion*

First Lady*

Lodge 49



The Resident


Life-Size 2

Step Up: The Series (Season 2)

Queen America (Facebook Series)

Instant Family

Black Lightning (Season 1)

Step Up: The Series (Season 1)


Pirates of the Caribbean V: Dead Men Tell No Tales

The Seventh Son

Texas Rising (Miniseries)

Ted 2

The Originals* 

Crossbones (Season 1)


G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation

John Carter of Mars

Dairy Queen (Comm - “Dueling”)

The Muppets

Bud Light (Comm- “Prod Placement”-Super Bowl XLV)

Pirates of the Caribbean IV: On Stranger Tides

House, MD (Knight Falls)  


Sorcerer's Apprentice

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Apple/Mac (Comm - "A Tragedy")

Indiana Jones 4: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Pushing Daisies (The Fun in Funeral)

2016 Olympic Bid - "Why LA" Promo

Pirates of the Caribbean III: At World's End ***

Pirates of the Caribbean II: Dead Man's Chest *

Third Watch*

Days of Our Lives* (Ep #1.9866, Ep #1.9826)

America's Most Wanted

Scare Tactics* (12 Episodes)

Deadwood* (No Other Sons or Daughters)


Pirates of the Caribbean I: The Curse ... Black Pearl 


Mountain Dew (Commercial - "Episode Dew")

A Knight's Tale **



* Television/multiple episodes/commercial

* Taurus Award Winner: Best Fight

** Taurus Award Winner: Hardest Hit

*** SAG Nominee: Outstanding Action Performance

Production Company​

Daniel L. Paulson Productions

Cinesite/Macro/Outlier Society

Renaissance Women Prod

AMC/American Movie Classics

Chernin Entertainment

Fuqua Films/3 Arts Entrtnmnt

Fuqua Films/20th Century Fox Tel

Funny or Die - (IFC)

Walt Disney Pictures

Lionsgate/YouTube Red

wiip/Made Up Stories

Paramount Pictures

Warner Bros. Tel./Berlanti Prod.

Lionsgate/YouTube Red

Wayans Alvarez Productions

Walt Disney Pictures

China Film Co./Thunder Road 

A&E Studios

Universal Pictures

The CW Television Network

Universal Television

MGM/Columbia Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures


Walt Disney Pictures


Walt Disney Pictures

Universal Media Productions

Paramount Pictures

Walt Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer 

Walt Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer 


Paramount Pictures

Warner Bros. Television


Walt Disney Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures

Warner Bros. Television

Corday Prod/Sony Pictures Telev.

20th Century Fox Television

Sci-Fi Channel

CBS Paramount Ntwrk Tel./HBO

Spelling Television/Paramount 

Walt Disney Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Kerby Brothers Productions

Columbia Pictures Corp


Stunt Performer / Stunt Double


Stunt Performer – (Stunt Coord: Jennifer Badger)

Stunt Performer/Stunt Driver - (Stunt Coord: Tim Wong)

Stunt Performer/Double (Jeff Bridges) – (S.C.: H Kinhi/T Connolly)

Fight/Motorcycle – (Stunt Coord: Toby Holguin)

Stunt Actor - "Lev" – (Stunt Coord: Jennifer Badger)

Horseback Swordsman - (Stunt Coord: Jeff Wolfe)

Stunt Driver

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Buddy Joe Hooker)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Jennifer Badger)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Eric Norris)

Stunt Double (Gerard Butler) - (Stunt Coord: Charlie Croughwell)

"Famine," Headless Horseman - (Stunt Coord: John Copeman)

Stunt Double (Christian Bale) - (Stunt Coord: Doug Coleman)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Danny Le Boyer)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: George Cottle)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Mike Watson)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Mark Norby)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Todd Bryant)

"Mr. Covington"/Stunt Performer – (Stunt Coord: Mike Gunther)

Stunt Performer – (Stunt Coord: Mike Gunther)

Stunt Performer – (Stunt Coord: Mike Gunther)

Stunt Performer – (Stunt Coord: Mike Gunther)

Horseback Swordsman - (Stunt Coord: Jeff Wolfe)

Stunt Performer – (Stunt Coord: Andy Armstrong/Vic Armstrong)

Stunt Double (Nicolas Cage) - (S.C.: A. Cheng) / "Cement Mixer Drvr"

Stunt Driving - (Stunt Coord: Andy Armstrong & Vic Armstrong)

"Cop"/Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: George Ruge)

"Construction Worker"/Stunt Perf - (Stunt Coord: Paul Eliopolis)

Stunt Double (Ruben Garfias) - (Stunt Coord: Spiro Razatos)

Stunt Perf/Stunt Dbl (Gerard Butler) - (Stunt Coord: D. Prescott)

Sword Trainer (Rhona Mitra) - (Stunt Coord: Allan Poppleton)

"Cop"/Stunt Driving - (Stunt Coord: Al Goto)

Sword Trainer (Brendan Fraser) - (Stunt Coord: Vic Armstrong)

Stunt Double/Horse Fall - (Stunt Coord: Phil Culotta)

Stunt Fight Double (Nathan Fillion) - (Stunt Coord: Spiro Razatos)

"Body Guard"/Fight Scene - (Stunt Coord: Jeff Habberstad)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: George Ruge)

Fights/Stunts/"Jedi" - (Stunt Coord: Vince Dedrick, Jr.)

Sword Fights/Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: George Ruge)

"Chris Johnson"/Serial Killer/Stunt Perf - (Stunt Coord: W. Scott)

"Black Knight"/Horse Riding - (Stunt Coord: Troy Gilbert)

Fall from Moving Car - (Stunt Coord: Andy Armstrong)

"Patron"/Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Cort Hessler)

Stunt Perfomer (episode) - (Stunt Coord: Cort Hessler)

Fights/Stunt Perf/Cowboy/Actor - (Stunt Coord: V. Dedrick, Jr.)

Rigger - (Stunt Coord: Norb Phillips)

Featured Ring Fight - (Stunt Coord: Will Leong)

Stunt Safety - Hallock & Healy

Stunt Dbl/"Carter"/"Gunman" - Driving/Stunt Perf - (Coord: A. Graf)

"Customer"/Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Norman Howell)

Stunt Double - (Stunt Coord: Phil Culotta)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Allan Graf)

"Stunt Demon"/Horse Riding/Actor - (Stunt Coord: Mike Massa)

"Pirate"/Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Chris Antinucci)

"Agent"/Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Charlie Croughwell)

"Pilot"/Stunt Performer/Actor - (Stunt Coord: Allan Graf)

Saddle Falls/Aggressive Riding/Sword Fights - (S.C.: B. Burton/T. Lupo)

Horse Riding/Fights/Stunts - (Coords: A. Armstrong/C. Croughwell)

Fights/Tumbling/Jousting/Weapons - (Stunt Coord: Mike Vendrell)

St Dbl (Robert Van Dam)/Stunt Perf/Drvng - (S.C.: J. Avery/J. Cadiente)

"Guard"/Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Norman Howell)

"Hippie"/Stunts - (Stunt Coord: Rick Avery)

"Zombie"/Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Danny Weselis)

"Drunken Customer"/Stunt Performer - (S.C.: Buddy Joe Hooker)

Actor Fight/Stunt Double/Weapons Fight - (Stunt Coord: S. Razatos)

"Bonham"/Motorcycle/Stunt Perf - (Stunt Coord: C. Croughwell)

Stunt Double (John Aston) - (Stunt Coord: Joey Box)

Actor/Featured Fight - (Stunt Coord: Charlie Picerni)

Stunt Performer - (Stunt Coord: Jeff Dashnaw)

"Vampire"/Featured Fight - (Stunt Coord: Jeff Ward)

Featured Stunt - (Stunt Coord: Charlie Croughwell)

Opening Fight Scene - (Stunt Coord: Art Camacho)

Sword Fighting/Stunt Dbl (Mark Aiken) - (Stunt Coord: E. Orsatti)

Production Company

Renaissance Women Prod.

Atlas Ent./DC Comics/DC Ent.

Fox 21/The Littlefield Company

A&E Studios/The Littlefield Company

Funny or Die - (IFC)

MACRO/Outlier Society - (Netflix)

Paramount Pictures

AMC Studios

Gold Circle Films/Universal Pictures

20th Century Fox Telev./Imagine Ent.

Electronic Ent./Skydance/Warner

20th Century Fox Telev./Sketch Films

Waypoint Entertainment

Fedora Ent./Woodbridge Productions

Marvel Ent/Columbia Pictures

Bad Robot/Jerry Weintraub Prod.

AMC Studios

New Line Cinema/Village Roadshow

Enlight Pictures

Paramount Pictures/Broken Road

Universal Pictures

Paramount Pictures/Hasbro

Bad Robot/Warner Bros. Television

Columbia Pictures

Endgame Ent./Maguire Pictures

Columbia Pictures

DreamWorks SKG/Universal Pictures

Walt Disney Pictures/Happy Madison

Warner Premiere

Lionsgate/Lakeshore Entertainment

Sketch Films/Lakeshore Entrtnmnt.

USA Network

Universal Pictures/Relativity Media

Middle Fork Productions

20th Century Fox Film Corp  

Fox Television Studios

Walt Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer 

Nickelodeon Productions


NBC Studios/DreamWorks Television


Columbia Pic/Imagine Entrtnmnt.

Warner Bros. Television

Warner Bros. Television

Paramount Network Television

Endemol Entertainment 

No Rules Productions LLC


Revolution Studios

Spelling Entertainment

Universal Network Television

CBS Paramount Television Pictures

20th Century Fox Television 

Warner Bros. Television

Columbia Pictures

Icon Entertainment Int’l

Universal Pictures

20th Century Fox/Tim Burton Prod.

Mutant Enemy/20th Century Fox 

Sony Pictures Television 

Morgan Creek Productions

NBC Studios  

Ten Thirteen/20th Century Fox Telev.

J. Bruckheimer Films/Touchstone 

20th Century Fox Television

Columbia Pictures/DreamWorks SKG

Warner Bros. Television

Paramount Network Telev. Prod.

Jerry Bruckheimer Films

New Line Cinema/Marvel Entrtnmnt.


PM Entertainment Group



First Lady*

The Suicide Squad

The Old Man (pilot)

Reprisal (pilot)


Raising Dion*

Instant Family

TURN: Washington Spies

Pitch Perfect 3

24: Legacy


Sleepy Hollow*



Spider-Man: Homecoming


Fear the Walking Dead

The House

Hollywood Adventures

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

The Purge 2: Anarchy

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction


Spiderman 4: The Amazing Spider-Man ***

Seeking Justice

Green Hornet

The Soloist

Bedtime Stories

Get Smart's Bruce & Lloyd Out of Control


Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans

In Plain Sight (A Fine Meth)

Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The Canyon 

Drive (No Turning Back)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith  

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

Drake & Josh (Battle of Panthatar)

Verizon (Commercial-National)

Las Vegas (Silver Star)

NASCAR (Commercial)

Fun with Dick and Jane

Jonny Zero* (Who’s Your Daddy, No Good Deed)

Third Watch* (Obsession, Last Will/Testament)

Star Trek: Enterprise* (Divergence, North Star)

Fear Factor 

No Rules

Ryan Pinkston Project

Man of the House

10-8: Officers on Duty (Gypsy Road)

Karen Sisco




Men in Black II

We Were Soldiers

The Scorpion King

Planet of the Apes


V.I.P. (Survi-Val

3000 Miles To Graceland

The 70's (TV Movie) 

The X-Files* (Hollywood, A.D., Biogenesis)

Coyote Ugly


Almost Famous

The Strip

Seven Days (Sister’s Keeper)

Soldier of Fortune, Inc.


Van Helsing Chronicles (TV Movie)

To Be the Best (Video)

Door to the Throne



* Television/multiple episodes/commercial

*** SAG Nom: Outstanding Action Performance